Here at TechQuarters, we recently released a video series ‘Chris Journey of the SBS server’. In this series, we went through a comparison of a Small Business Server and Microsoft 365 Business and which product is the most cost-effective for running your business.

Episode 1 – Chris made a purchase

In this episode, we learn that Chris Dunning just brought a Small Business Server and he is very happy with his purchase. However, when Chris’s friend Pete explains the features and benefits of Microsoft 365 Business, we learn that Microsoft 365 Business contains Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility and Security. So, what’s the difference between the SBS server and Microsoft 365 Business? Microsoft 365 Business is just the cloud version of the SBS server, which means Pete can access the same applications and documents Chris can – remotely.

The message of this episode is that purchasing a small business server is expensive. All users get is a server that is onsite for a fixed one-off payment, in comparison to being able to access the cloud from anywhere with Microsoft 365 Business – all for a single price per user per month.

Episode 2 – A few months in with the Small Business Server

Chris wants to increase collaboration within his business so he calls up his IT Professionals so to set it up for him. Now the users can access applications like Word and PowerPoint to start collaborating on projects and documents. However, Chris’s users are starting to complain as the internet bandwidth is being degraded by so many people accessing the server.

Pete, however, has Microsoft 365 Business which includes SharePoint which enables him to access documents and share them with colleagues. This technology helps his users to collaborate on the same document in real time. The future of modern collaboration.

Episode 3 – Chris gets Hacked!

In this episode, we learn that Chris gets hacked! The attack is known as ‘Ransomware’ where users will have to pay the hacker to unlock the PC. Chris was curious how Pete’s data stays protected.

Pete explains that Microsoft 365 Business contains additional security features such as Advanced Threat Protection which scans unsafe links that have been opened in real time. It’s important for organisations to invest in advanced security to help reduce the chances of a cyber-attack.

Episode 4 – Crisis on Holiday

Chris has finally got access to his server again after paying ransomware attacker, however, it’s not long before another crisis arises. Chris is on holiday and has brought his laptop, so asked his IT professionals to set up the VPN. Chris goes on Holiday thinking he can work remotely however later finds out that he couldn’t connect to his system.

Pete explained that with Microsoft 365 Business users can access systems remotely from any device whether it’s the hotel lobby or an internet café. A secure connection enables Pete to work without worry about a potential cyber-attack.

Episode 5 – Conclusion

Well, Chris is 3 years in with the purchase of his Small Business Server, he’s thinking about upgrading his server. Unfortunately, this package is too expensive to upgrade.

Microsoft 365 Business includes everything users need for a single price per user per month. Microsoft 365 enables users to access cloud applications like Word, PowerPoint, Excel and much more. Users can work remotely, from any location at any time giving them the ability to collaborate and much more.

Users don’t need to worry about additional costs when upgrading devices as it comes free. It’s a fantastic package ideal for a start-ups or small business that are looking to grow their business.

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